Get To Know Me


   Hey there !, I am Yassine from Algeria (El djazayer) the best country ever. I am passionate about development, design and all of the latest technologies.

My philosophy of life is "Personal Development Is A Full Time Job."

   I believe in improvement that's why i spent most of my time learning about different development technologies for building user friendly applications. I do think that software development is the art of our time.

   So here is my story, it all started when i learned to use Adobe Photoshop and started designing web pages. It was so inspiring for me that i was bound to turn those designs into code and bring them to the user hands. Then i started learning about HTML at that time it was really confusing for me. Since i was using tables to structure my layouts :( it was so ugly and takes to much to load. Until i heard about CSS and it was like someone showed me the Ali baba's cave. After that i was excited to learn on how to make beautiful animations that's when Javascript entered in my life i remember the first time i made an element fade in it was uplifting. I was craving for more so i started using Jquery.

   The story didn't end here i noticed that my projects are all data static pages. a voice inside me said why wont we make this more dynamic. i was attracted to PHP, started learning about it and about Databases henc MYSQL. And it shifted everything, i was finally able to manipulate data for the first time. Still something always seemed wrong to me, it was the pages reloading after each request. I am a Gmail user and i was so confused how it works so seamlessly and without refreshing the pages. It's when i discovered AJAX and SPA's (Single Page Application).

   At that time i started a ongoing project called Echooly as my graduation project. It was a web based school management, to help students and teachers collaborate. Basically i just wanted to help myself and other students to be more in touch with their teachers and actually be more productive. I knew from the beginning that it should be an SPA so i used Angular Js by Google as front-end framework and Laravel as a PHP back-end framework. Where i had the opportunity to learn more about OOP (Object Oriented Programming). 

   Finally this was a glance of my experience with Web-Development there is another episode about Android-Development and my student life but i don't want to be boring in this about page to see more, give my portfolio a look Here.

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